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Horrible History Kids Club Special at Barton Court

Horrible History Kids Club Special at Barton Court

Do your kids think history is horrid? Just dates and facts that have no relevance? Boring and dry as dust?

I know I did until I had an inspirational teacher who made it fun.

One of our team for the summer camp is a Cambridge history graduate whose mission is to get children to love history as much as she does.

A big enactment fan, she will be dressing up as a peasant and taking the kids through what it was like to be young in the Middle Ages in an engaging and fun way. They will learn the games their ancestors played, how to make the clothes they wore and what food they ate. Some of it is gross which the children will love hearing about. Then, with Laura’s help, they will recreate the marching element of a battle.

This is a fun additional class at the end of the core day. After a year of distance teaching, this up close and personal taste of history might reignite a spark of interest in an academic subject that – done right – should be fascinating.

Here is the format for the after club workshop:

Take a leap into the Middle Ages for the afternoon! The session will last around 90 minutes and will be led by Laura, who will be fully dressed as a Medieval peasant.  Participants will get the chance to play Medieval games, taste the food people ate 500 years ago, make traditional bracelets and even march around the grounds in a mock battle!

  • Medieval outdoor games (15-20 mins)

    • Ring around the rosy (and origins)

    • Quoits and skittles

    • How many miles to London?

    • Hoodman’s blind

  • Food session (15-20 mins)

    • True or false with picture cards

    • Medieval sweets tasting

  • Bracelet making (20 – 30 mins)

    • Braiding with embroidery threads.

    • There are different ways this can be done to accommodate for different aged children.

  • Battle marching (20-30 mins)

    • Requires some kind of mock ‘weapon’ e.g. swimming woggles, something made in arts and crafts.

    • Laura will be bringing a drum to keep them all in time


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Barton Court, Colwall Herefordshire WR13 6HN

Organiser: Barton Court

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