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Wye Valley Falconry

    Wye Valley Falconry

    Hands-on experience with birds of prey

    Wye Valley Falconry is the brainchild of Luke Mammatt, a Falconer from Hereford who has worked at a number of centres around the UK over a 14 year career. Luke has now returned to Herefordshire to establish his own business.  Yet he has no premises. Rather, he offers Private Experiences and Events where clients get to meet and fly various birds of prey such as Hawks, Falcons and Owls.

    A private one-to-one experience, where you get to handle and fly the birds, will make you understand why Birds of Prey are one of the most fascinating predators in the world. These experiences vary in duration and are available all throughout the year.

    A Flying Display will show you their amazing aerial agility and natural hunting techniques.

    Educational Visits to any club or organisation (covering any age-group – nurseries to residential homes) will teach you about their evolutionary features, characteristics and behaviours.

    Why not take photographs in full flight, witness on a Photography Experience a falcon flying past at nearly 100mph, see the agility of the hawk and the stealth of an owl. The birds will also be placed on rocks, fences and branches for that natural looking static shot.

    Finally Wye Valley can offer 3 Wedding Services where your wedding rings can be delivered down the aisle by a Barn Owl which adds something magical to your special day.

    After the ceremony when it’s time to celebrate, entertain the guests and treat them to a Flying Display as well as a handling opportunity as a different form of entertainment.

    Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a great experience with Wye Valley Falconry

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